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Ethereal Seraphic Stone Styled by Zak Archie

Ethereal Seraphic Stone Styled by Zak Archie

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Base Wig: 200% density. HD value lace. Average cap size (22”-24”), our stylists typically use 23" styling heads. Please use the adjustable straps to fit.

Packaging: We package our wigs into a tight box to secure on poly heads. Prior to wearing, lightly and carefully shake or fluff sections of the wig to reawaken the fibres and use a light hold hairspray to dress to your own preference.

International considerations: We are limited to smaller boxes when shipping internationally. This is likely to result in us having to remove the base of your poly head. In some cases when the wig is extra large and a poly head cannot be used, we will stuff the wig for shipping. We cannot accept any liability for this compromised shipping option and we suggest you make an informed decision taking the shipping method into consideration. Import fees and taxes are likely to be applied to the full cost of the wig and shipping fees. Please research your governments website and your countries mail handler website for taxes and handling fees. You are exclusively responsible for settling all import demands. Refusing to pay will likely result in your order being destroyed and you forfeit all monies paid for your order.

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